Its all about impressions

We all know the Republican Women organizations do very important work for the party and its candidates. However during the summer time during election season one member made a fateful decision to put a satire of our new president in the organization’s news letter.

The Obama Bucks satire unfortunately led to nationwide scorn across the internet to the mainstream media where liberal commentator Keith Olberman made the newsletter’s author Dianne Fedele its worst person of the day in his show. Yes it was an unfortunate mistake and people were warned not to go that far in its response to Obama.

Unfortunately the damage has been done and it is going to be difficult to attract minorities into the party with such incidents. I did talk to one leading black Republican activist Shirley Moore awhile back and she said it is going to take actually hiring more non-white people in the offices of local elected Republican office holders and a more active approach to outreach from the state and county party leadership to make a first impression to the community that the party is taking black voters seriously.

Yes, Dianne should of resigned her post as leader of the organization. However we should learn from our mistakes and it seems the Chaffey Republican Women group are marginalizing themselves when they rejected her resignation.

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