Unwanted text messages stink

It is disgusting that mobile phone companies mandate their customers to pay for incoming text messages. I could understand people having to pay to send a message to an individual, but imagine having to pay for the junk mail at your local post office. I would like to see options where if you get more than a certain number of text messages per month that you would be blocked from receiving any more.

I am not from the text message generation. I am a very verbose individual. I can not confine myself to 80 characters or less. If I want to communicate with someone I would send a full on phone call or e-mail. If I am not going to make many text messages why buy a bundle plan. I honestly can not control who text messages me, when it might be someone from Palm Springs who slips a digit and expects to text her boyfriend.

Be careful who you text, because text messages are not low cost to all phone users. Not all of us are power users on our phones. 

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