Republicans entering the DANGER ZONE

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is reporting that AD-60 won by Curt Hagman of Chino Hills, was only won with a 4 percent margin. Even AD-63 is not comfortable for Republicans either. AD-60 was gerrymandered for Republicans like other districts in this state, but the voters of our state are becoming tired of the Republican message.

A commentator from the Lincoln Clubs mentioned that Proposition 11 passed by the voters will likely have voters elect Democratic party oriented candidates in the next reapportionment in the 2012 remap. Voting trends are leading that people are registering as Democrats across this state where San Diego and San Bernardino counties have gone “blue” as well. Maybe it was the Obama coattail effect as what former Assemblyman of the 60th Bob Pacheco cited, but it could also be the economy and the lack of leadership of President Bush that made the state embarrassed to be identified as Republicans.

Yes, as what Mike Spence mentioned we need to reach out to the decline to state voters. However when we boot them out of our primaries like how we did during the presidential election it does not do much to help Republican votes. Allowing Decline to State voters in our primaries will help Republicans in the long run. But since the base feels like it dilutes the party purity, then Mike Spence and friends need to market the party so people will want to register as Republicans.

The solution is to market the party better and to have a realistic new agenda that is not the same as previous years.

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