Unrealistic Pro-Life regulation coming to a state ballot near you!

Abortion is grotesque and should be strongly discouraged. However our pro-life friends are going a bit too insane with their personhood amendment. This will come all of the 17 states that allow voter initiated ballot measures. This is a nationwide campaign to make a fertilized human egg an actual person to the eyes of the law.

Pam’s house blend decided to do the job of demonstrating absurdity by being absurd at the ramifications of this amendment if it was passed by the voters of the states of our nation.


* Will the highway patrol need to carry pregnancy testing kits to confirm the ability for them to use HOV lanes on the spot?
* Can airlines charge a woman for two seats since the fertilized egg is a person?
* Can an impregnated woman be punished for poor eating habits, or consuming alcohol or artificial sweeteners?
* Is the boyfriend/husband an accomplice to a crime if he drives her to the abortion clinic?
* Can a woman claim her fetus as a tax deduction?
* For couples who fertilize multiple eggs for in vitro, are they guilty of murder if the unused eggs are discarded?
* Should a woman register with the state whenever she has unprotected sex (without using any form of birth control), since she might be carrying a fertilized egg?
* What about a woman who skips her birth control pills, has sex, the egg is fertilized and she later resumes her contraception, unknowingly causing an "abortion." What punishment should she receive?
* And, of course, the current bar people on both sides banter about — consideration of the a medical emergency of the mother or cases of rape and incest — how will the state-based fetus citizen council determine punishment?

One other howler of absurdum is will you need to register your Kotex as a crime scene and send it to the CSI department every month?

And the funny thing is our local Republican Party central committee has some of these supporters of the Personhood amendment.

Big government, it is not just a Democratic party invention.

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