The Proposition 8 aftermath

People underestimated the resolve of the gay and lesbian community in California now. The sleeping giant has awaken. The complacency is starting to dissipate, people are protesting and explaining to the public that they are frustrated that Yes on 8 won.

Yes there are good reasons why marriage equality should happen. However our nation is more religiously inclined than Canada or any other nation that has pure marriage equality. I do not think it is likely that Californians will approve allowing same sex couples under the marriage brand name. However I feel we could peel a majority towards civil unions for the time being.

However it is only psychological because we need the federal rights and privileges first for civil partnerships or even marriage to even happen. If someone falls in love with someone from Australia or Great Britain, they could bring us over to their nation. However we can not bring our partner over to the United States because the country does not recognize the relationship. That is one of the notable examples why marriage equality is vital.

Problem is people have a fear that the Yes on 8 people exploited, they do not want their children to find out about homosexual couples or the idea of homosexuality. However when 9 out of 10 will end up straight and just because you watch Susan and Betty get married does not mean Julie will want to join the lesbian legion when she becomes a teenager.

The Yes on 8 people exploited the fear of churches would be forced to officiate or accept same sex partnerships. Maybe we need to put in a law, to put in a security blanket to alleviate their fears.  Maybe add legal code stating religious organizations have a right to have selective criteria such as being part of their faith and what configuration the couples should be.

In conclusion, the best solution is to show the people of our state that GLBT people do exist in our communities even those who voted in majority for Yes on 8. With visibility people will recognize how foolish it was to vote Yes. 

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