Blue to Red: San Bernardino

The San Bernardino County Republican Party is losing its influence on the people who reside in our county. By the next election we might even lose AD 63 if we do not take any further action. As someone concerned by what is going on I have some suggestions.

Since Red County San Bernardino is in limbo right now I am deciding to discuss some of these critical issues that should be discussed now.

1. Offer aid to city council/school board candidates in Democratic Party dominated areas. This can help us build a minor league team for future leadership.

2. Voter registration – hire Ed Laning as advisor.

3. Work with LA County Party with Pomona. So we can make inroads in maybe improving voter registration.

4. Market Republican Party ideas to the public with cable tv adverts, newspaper ads, letters to the editor.

5. Welcome groups such as Log Cabin as an official state organization. Log Cabin helps keep the party active in areas with Democratic party dominance. Politics is about addition not subtraction.

6. Minority outreach, sponsor business groups and help promote entrepreneurship.

7. Build trust with the donors. Have a town hall with all donors in the last two years. Ask them for ideas.

8. GOTV! Bring back the precinct walks during the biannual general election.

9. Connect with the youth. Without the youth, we have no future as a party.

10. DTS Voters, find out why voters went DTS. AKA the party previously affiliated. Maybe a study funded by the CRP. Maybe this will help us figure what is wrong, and help us target DTS voters in general elections.

11. We need to spend our money during general elections. Give out matching funds to campaigns to help build moral support and improve vote share during elections. Having 30 to 50 thousand right before an election is simply silly. However we should keep a minimum in reserve, but maybe using money for door hangers and other related activities would of been better.

12. Recruitment of candidates, candidates should be prepared to run a second time because odds have shown that second time candidates usually do better and even win their elections due to name recognition.

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