A New Republican Movement

The Republican party is having a rebuild the party movement right now since we are losing congressional seats and lost the presidential race. It is normal when a political party loses its influence it must ask questions within its self. There is a new movement growing within the Internet. There is a movement for Progressive Republicans, I know progressive may sound like a loaded word as code word for leftist. However Republicans used to hold the progressive mantle with leaders such as Hiram Johnson, Senator and Governor of California and Theodore Roosevelt.

It is unfortunate when the Eisenhower family and the Goldwater family moves away from the party because our party has gone outside the mainstream of political thought.  It is unfortunate that 20% of Republicans voted for President Obama. This is a movement to bring new blood into the party and to have our Obama voting Republicans to come back home.

If you find the idea of social justice, civil rights, a clean environment, while maintaining a strong national defense and efficient government this movement may be for you. People are debating on facebook about the new organization’s ideas and vision.

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