Ungrateful moderates?

Mike Spence, leader of the conservative club the California Republican Assembly has this to say in the Flash Report.

Back in the early 1990’s all I heard about was how the Republican Party needed to be a “big tent.” The idea was to embrace anyone who wanted to be a Republican regardless of what that person stood for.
Of course that is how we get tax raising Governors like the one here in California. But what you also get are politicians that will put a bullet in your back as soon as the going gets tough.

Problem for the Republican Party is that we have social conservative economic socialists in the minority communities that help give Democrats majorities. If you want to toss out the fiscal conservative social liberals out of the party, then feel free to add the social conservative, economic socialists in the party.

Problem is many voters do not trust the Republican Party. Even the voters who voted for 8 and voted for Obama. If you could figure out how to reach out to those voters, maybe a majority without the current RINOS can happen. It seems social issues are more important than economic issues in today’s California Republican Party. So let us reach out to those Obama Social Conservatives today.

We have a two party system, not one particular party fits many Americans. If people were purged because they did not fit 100% of the blueprint of the Republican Party, we would be a last place baseball team. choose political parties because a majority of issues in a political party fit our values.

Maybe we’ll have higher taxes, but god and country will prevail.

And one of the commentators mentioned to Spence, what do you expect to replace these moderate Republicans with, Martians?

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