Election Predictions

President, California is going for The Zero. Even if the Republican was offering free candy bars, and 10 gallons of gasoline to each voter, they still like Democrats. For the nation as a whole? I am guessing 303-235 in the electoral votes for The Zero.

Congress, Joe Baca. Unless he has a live boy in his bed, he will be congressman for life. Since its a Democratic year, I predict the Republican will break even in registration.

State Assembly, Wendy Maier. The factors of yes campaign on Prop 8 and Norma Torres being unpopular in her own city will lead to the Republicans only upset of the year.

Ballot Measures 1A- I was suckered into voting for it, but this 20 billion dollar measure is going to drain our budgets and not do much for the state.  And it will pass with a yes vote.

2- YES will prevail.

3- No

4- Likely for the yes side

5- No

6- No

7- No

8- I predict an upset from the No side.

9- No

10- No

11- Yes, big budget campaign will make a difference for the result.

12- Yes, who can not resist the veterans.

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