Voter registration and SB Republican Party

Recently the news between the Republican and Democratic parties has been about will the Democrats ever reclaim San Bernardino County. Numbers have been tight for the last year and the Republicans wanted to do their best in trying to make sure the county would stay red. California Republicans tried their hardest to keep San Bernardino County Republican, but they utilized an infamous group called Young Political Majors to keep the party as the majority in the county.

Young Political Majors was accused of slamming people into the Republican party in order to profit from the voter bounty that was established by Insurance commissioner Steve Poizner. YPM used the bait of encouraging people to sign for initiatives  that people would care about like protecting children from sex offenders and misleading voters about regulations trying to urge them to register as Republicans. YPM has a reputation that is far from stellar in states such as Arizona and Florida where they used these same tactics in order to pad the registration statistics or get initiatives on the ballot such as saying they were signing for a petition to ban gay marriage, but they are signing a petition to liberalize alcohol sales at supermarkets.

Yes, the Republicans are having a difficult time improving voter registration in all the counties of California. However we are Republicans we are expected to follow higher standards, we need to encourage voters to become Republicans because of our ideas, not because of fraud. As an alternate for one of the members in the county central committee I will speak out for integrity in our party.

The funny thing is the founder of YPM got arrested for voter fraud because he registered himself at an address that he does not live in, to meet the requirements that petition circulars have to be California registered voters. Perhaps after discovering more of the dirty tricks that Mark Jacoby has used, maybe the state party will be shamed just as much as ACORN.

Sadly this is going to be another major story that somehow relates to San Bernardino County Republicans. This story is going places from blogs, to the Los Angeles Times.

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