The Choice for Assembly District 61

It has been ten long years since the last Republican represented the 61st Assembly District. Since Nell Soto retired from the State Assembly, voters are given the opportunity to vote for someone to represent us in November.

Wendy Maier is my choice for State Assembly; she is a fresh face on the political scene ready to represent you.  She owns a popular deli in Pomona was a former public school educator and is a community volunteer in Ontario and Pomona.

As a business owner, Wendy knows about making ends meet.  She wants to make sure we get our house in order before we start spending any more money.  And unlike most of her political opponents, she is not a professional politician going from office A to office B.

Wendy wants to unite the communities of the 61st Assembly District; she wants to fight for the people of the constituency beyond partisan lines. Bread and butter issues are the priority in these challenging times. Creating jobs and opportunities, improving our state infrastructure and providing transportation alternatives will be more critical instead of waging moral crusades and partisan division.

The 61st District needs common sense leadership with a representative that will be responsive to the people.  By reaching out across party lines and the communities across the district we will get results. Our state is suffering and we need a consensus builder in Sacramento. Wendy is not your ordinary Republican, she will bring forth change to Sacramento and the party itself.

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