My Ballot – The Initiatives

Proposition My Vote Reason
1A Yes Infrastructure, good way to create jobs.
2 Yes Compassion to animals, safe food for our consumption.
3 No Hundreds of millions on past children’s hospital bond has not been spent, use money up then ask us later.
4 No / video It is going to harm young women, more than it is going to protect them.
5 No / column Lets non-casual drug users get off free. Read the column to better get an explanation on what this proposition does.
6 No Costs too much money at a time when we are having severe money problems. Pass a measure with items that do not drain the budget.
7 No Risky endeavor that will make it more difficult to provide clean energy for Californians. Republicans, Democrats, business and environmental groups say No.
8 No Eliminates marriage equality. Does much more than the 14 words written.
9 No Creates redundant laws, costs billions of dollars,  Another billionaire buying his way to the ballot.
10 No Bond issue that does little more than subsidizing a billionaire.
11 Yes Reapportionment with a neutral board to design legislative seats.
12 Yes Helps veterans and helps the housing market.

Links to columns that deal with the respective measure are also linked to particular issues.

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