KFI Deprives non fire area listeners of choice

Windy weather means fire season in Southern California. And this ends up in resulting in the pre-emption of the syndicated content such as Rush Limbaugh and Dr.Laura. For those who may be fortunate not to live in a fire zone, there is no incentive to listen to KFI when fire watch coverage happens.

Bill Handel said if anyone has any issues of their popular syndicated shows pre-empted please email or call the program director Robin Bertolucci. I recently sent this email to her office and I hope there will be some public outcry.

Can the station use a second frequency to air KFI content like Limbaugh or Laura when there is fire coverage or some other event of critical note? For example competitor KABC, uses their sister station’s HD radio frequency to air their pre-empted talk shows when the Dodgers are on. I live in Ontario, where the fires are not a critical issue for me, and I could care less right now.

I think choice would make the station better for all of us. For those who live or have family in the fire area, and those who do not.

Thank You,

Matt Munson

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