When too much is on your mind

I had to experience a time of loss and pain. It was not fun 🙁

My dog is in the animal hospital and she’s fighting hard to live. She was misdiagnosed at her home clinic and it was not pancreas problems, it was blocked stool in her digestive track. 🙁 The toxic shock is killing her and I hope she gets better. She gave me and my family loads of love and enjoyment. Bless her!

Update: They removed most of the stool, but the stool was ultimately trapped in her gut and we would of been rocked with 2200.00 of debt if we chose to do the surgery. It would not guarantee that she would of survived, it would of been nice to have her back with us.

Then they called us stating that her organs were failing and turning abnormal in color where she would of failed anyways. 🙁 So we made the right decision to let her depart.

But I will always will miss her.

Askua 2004-2008, always in our minds.

3 thoughts on “When too much is on your mind”

  1. I’m really sorry to hear that Thom. After you told me the initial diagnosis last night, I was hopeful that everything would turn out OK for your dog. It’s so hard losing one’s pets, and Askua was so young.

  2. my heart aches with yours Matt,four months ago our little Bambi passed over The Rainbow Bridge,your video matched my feelings too.

    When you feel better get over to the animal shelter and find a new furry face to love.


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