Inland Utopia on the issues: Proposition 3

Children are the most important things in this world, but we have another bond issue on our sights. And my recommended vote is NO. It is obvious that people will vote Yes on this bond because it deals with children. However in these challenging economic times, just as what John and Ken are advocating this election day. We should vote NO on even this bond too.

It is a fiscally irresponsible method to raise money for these institutions. $1 billion for funding, and 980 million for the interest payment over thirty years.

The funds from this initiative do not exclusively go to children’s hospitals, it may go to the local hospital across the street because they may also serve children as our patients.

We already pay enough for bonds right now, we should not add more to the state tab now.

Hundreds of millions of dollars from the previous children’s hospital bond have not been spent. (Prop 61)

Should we use up existing money before trying to obtain more money?

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