Blue County San Bernardino

It finally happened San Bernardino county is now a BLUE COUNTY. This means people in the biggest county in the continental United States prefer the Democratic party now. You will not hear this news on Red County San Bernardino for quite awhile because it is somewhat demoralizing to the party. However this is reality that needs to be reported in this purple blog, that does not lean strongly towards either party.

President Bush, and Assessor Bill Postmus may not of been helpful in keeping our voter registration up. However when we discover the election results in November a whole mess of policies will likely change with the San Bernardino County Republican party to the national party as well. 

First, I would like to see voter registration policies change in our state. For Republicans they would not want to see community activist groups register dead people, the Dallas Cowboy and people voting twice. Democrats would like to see the end to Republican groups slamming people to the Republican party when they rather be part of another party. We need to have a verification system that would be similar to switching a long distance provider.

Second, the key to winning is not lets not make government so emaciated that we could become fiscally anorexic. The key to victory is not to use social wedge issues to cover up the fact that we can not fund our public services properly.

If McCain likely loses, the California Assembly becomes over 2/3rds Democratic, the US Senate has over 60 Democrats, the Republican party needs major dialogue to evolve. If the British Conservatives could rebuild after the disastrous 1997 election, the American Republicans can.

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