Refuting the lies from Yes on 8.

CHECK IT OUT IN TUESDAY’S NEWSPAPER (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)

Political ads are not checked for being factual. Take for example the Yes on 8 ads. They are trying to spread lies and fear so you would vote yes.

Churches would still have the right to refuse who they want to marry just like the Catholics would not marry Jewish couples at their church or vice versa. Churches will still have their tax-exempt status no matter if they are affirming to same-sex couples or not. The ruling from the state Supreme Court provided religious exemptions where religious officiants would not be mandated to marry people they do not want.

California law also protects families already about health and family issues. If you do not want Johnny to hear about marriage with Jimmy you can refuse lectures on this topic. The cited court case in the Yes on 8 video was about Massachusetts not California.

Four judges did not violate the will of four million voters. The previous ballot measure violated the California state constitution and it was a good example of tyranny of the majority just as how voters legalized housing discrimination in 1964.

Proposition 8 eliminates the right of lesbian and gay couples to marry. Consider the facts and make your vote.

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