Inland Utopia on the issues: Prop 4

California voters said no twice, and we have parental notification ballot measure part three now.

Since the state supreme court rejected a parental notification process ten years ago, anti-abortion activists  have been encouraging voters to get a notification measure on the ballot.

I would find it reasonable that parents should be notified about a major medical procedure happening with their daughters. However the measure this year is still a scary proposition that makes me reconsider supporting this. The example Thomas Elias wrote about in his column in the Appeal Democrat, about a 16 year old girl getting knocked up after a dance with a guy and she finds out she got pregnant and since Proposition 4 got passed she is required to notify her parents within 48 hours. That does sound reasonable, but what about dealing with an enraged father. If the daughter is worried about reprisal she would not want to notify her parents and that is understandable. Since there is no formal record of abuse then she can not get a waiver for the abortion.

Most parents are understanding about the welfare of their daughters. But there is a danger towards parental notification where either the girl will be beaten up by a family member or relative, or sterile or dead due to a botched abortion or a self abortion.

Then what about incest or rape from a relative or close family friend, the girl would be required under Prop 4 to notify family members who knocked her up which would be ironic and dangerous too. Studies from medical experts have stated that girls notify their families just as equally with or without parental notification regulations.

Sorry parental notification supporters, the third strike is on you. I am voting No. If a forth time happens due to wealthy traditionalists, focus on promoting the culture of life, and protecting both the mother and the unborn, instead of just the unborn. Offer a one time payment of ten thousand, where half would be reimbursed by the adoption agency to cover the expenses of pregnancy and some pocket change so the girl would keep the baby in most cases, and maybe the girl who gets knocked up at the dance will keep her baby.

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