Reconsidering McCain

Since Obama is 13.3 percent ahead of McCain in California, I have nothing to lose in giving Senator McCain my vote. I may find Governor Palin scary due to her fundamentalism, but the Democratic Party helped to escalate this mortgage crisis when McCain and company begged for reforms and the Democrats just simply ignored him.

There may be several issues I may find McCain repugnant such as asking to tax health insurance benefits as income, and his health insurance program will also lead to employers to remove health benefits from the benefits package in their businesses.

However Obama does not lead a good image for the people of our nation when he blabbers in foreign countries about how our troops kill civilians and carpet bomb villages when that is further from the truth.

President Bush basically destroyed the good name of the Republican Party, it will be difficult for McCain to win. However if McCain loses, then maybe we could reform the party to make it electable like how David Cameron restored the British Conservatives to prominence.

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