Inland Utopia on the Issues 2008 – Proposition 6

Law and order is a good thing, people do want safe neighborhoods. However its going to cost money that the state does not have just like Senator Runner’s previous proposition in 2006. I believe Proposition 6 should be rejected by the people of our state despite the noble intentions the measure has. We as Californians are having financial problems, money is becoming very tight. Democrats do not want to cut spending, and Republicans do not want to raise taxes. Even though costs will be around a billion dollars according the the summary of fiscal effects on state and local governments. State Senator Runner needs to go back on the drawing board and redo the measure without the massive spending.

And the 1% requirement to prioritize law enforcement on our state budget will be just as bad as Proposition 98 where education locks up 50% of our state budget. That means 49% of our state budget will be only available for all the other needed priorities, which will make budgeting more difficult like it is right now.

I am voting No on 6 and would encourage you to do the same.

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