Never assume your allies

It seems the Yes on 8 people are calling my neighborhood to ask where their one million signs imported from China will be planted on the lawns across our state. I had a lady named Katie call asking how me or my father will vote on Proposition 8. I told her I am voting NO, then she boldly asks how is your father voting, I told her NO. And then I said I’ve been donating big money to help the NO side.

Never assume a Republican vote will be there for the support of limiting civil rights. Also if you are on the NO side, make sure to visit the NO on 8 store, if you are too far away from the regional headquarters.

They have some specials so you can be prepared for the Yes on 8 onslaught. There is a 1 shirt, 1 lawn sign and 2 bumper stickers package for 29.95, and factor in at least 10.00 in shipping. There are rally signs you can purchase for 2.00 each where you could place them on your windows (particularly good if you live in an apartment, or afraid the lawn signs will be snatched by someone). The vendor is authorized by the No on 8 side and feel free to buy something.

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