Harvey Milk, is not just any gay man in history.

Recently, professional anti-equality activist Karen England stated on Sacramento’s Channel 10 news that, “It’s crazy, It’s a day that celebrates the history of a gay individual for being gay. That’s his claim to fame.” Well in Karen’s industry she wants to trivialize the community because that is how she makes her dough. Harvey Milk is not just any gay man, he actually had more accomplishments in his short life aside from coming out of the closet.

Social conservatives in our state feel that AB 2567 should be vetoed because we should not celebrate or acknowledge anything from the gay community. However, Harvey helped bring forth an anti-discrimination law in San Francisco, and helped to defeat the initiative in 1978 that would of prohibited gay and lesbians from becoming educators in California.

By acknowledging the accomplishments of Harvey Milk we can help remind the people of our state that gay and lesbian people have came a long way in the last forty years. If we remember our history, then people will still keep the drive that Harvey started.

Do California a favor and call the Governor’s voter opinion line today.

Press 1 for English
(or 2 for Spanish)
Press 2
Press 1 for AB 2567
Press 1 again to voice support.

AB 2567 would have no fiscal impact to the state and would honor an important figure in the civil rights movement, in the same way that we honor other great leaders with state days of special significance.  CALL NOW!

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