Councilman Musser fails at geography

I know politicians want to get their campaign to many people, but outside your city? Councilman Ray Musser of Upland wants to run for mayor of his city, but he decided to send a vendor or his volunteers to go across people all over San Antonio Avenue in Ontario to put signs like no tomorrow. I did not allow the councilman to put a sign on my yard, and I bet most people on my street would not of allowed it either. Should those signs been placed in Upland, not Ontario?

I may not be a fan of the incumbent J.P Pomierski, however I have no vote to influence the vote in Upland since I do not reside there. How would Ray Musser like it, if I went on his lawn and hammered Obama for President signs?

If the councilman wants his sign back, he needs to come over to my house and he has until October 1st to pick it up. Else the wooden stake may serve another campaign.

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