Reclaiming San Bernardino County Republican Party

Registration is becoming very tight in San Bernardino County, where it is neither blue or red. However it is purple and ready to turn to the party ready to stand up for what is right. Just as how people got frustrated with Republican problems in the federal level, we need to clean house in the county also.

Here are some ideas for 2009:

Ethics and integrity pledge for central committee members and elected officials who are under the Republican Party brand. Stating that the party will be neutral and not support anyone who fails the pledge.

Clean house, leadership should be fresh with new perspectives, so we could reach out to the voters better with a new vision for the future. It would not be RINO or far right in perspective, but a pragmatic perspective we could follow like how David Cameron took over the British Conservatives.

Run focus groups with donors, party activists and regular people on the street to find out the pulse of the community. Bring confidence back to the donors.

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