On the Log Cabin Endorsement of McCain and more on Palin

The left has healthy skepticism on the inclusiveness of McCain. What does it mean to be inclusive? Most people believe that inclusiveness would be meaning treating the LGBT community of our country as equals. Even though Senator McCain did not support the Federal Marriage Amendment, he would like to ban it at the state level. Even though he would not mind sharing a beer with one of his gay co-workers, he does not support employment non-discrimination.

If inclusion means that we are welcome in his campaign, but he is not going to change his tune on any of the issues that matter to the community. Then, why bother endorsing him. There are many of us who would support McCain and the Republicans on many issues that concern us, but if they cannot support us as equal citizens, then how could they earn our support?

I know McCain wanted to solidify his base, but his vice presidential choice does not send a good message to independent voters and weak (in partisan leaning) Republicans. I agree its wrong to attack her about saying her recent pregnancy was allegedly fake. However there are policy issues that are ripe for argument.

Governor Palin in the past cut funding for pregnant teens, worked to ban books at the local public library, using government agencies against a former brother in-law. And in the church the governor belongs to, they are just as radical as Obama’s home church but with beliefs that “terrorism is god’s way to punish Israel for not converting to Christianity”, and they are hosting an ex-gay conference hoping that people in Alaska will be healed and converted to heterosexuality.

I still have no faith in the ticket. No matter how much lipstick Governor Palin wears.

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