Not Excited for Palin as VP


After finding out that Governor Palin was named as McCain’s VP, I just find the ticket demoralizing. Basically the social conservatives own the party, if you are not socially conservative the party is not for you. Even though you may agree with the Republican Party’s views on Iraq, Russia and energy exploration. If you are not socially conservative, there is nothing to be enthusiastic for this ticket. Since there has not been many ban-abortion, ban same sex marriage initiatives on the ballot, McCain had to do something to get the base to vote for him.

Palin has views that are outside the mainstream like banning all forms of birth control and condoms even for married and straight couples.

I would not expect McCain to support Ridge or Lieberman, but this choice does not inspire me.

Why don’t we focus on issues aside from the cultural issues. Like a balanced budget, energy exploration, reforming the health care system.

I just can not support Obama, he’s dangerous just like President Carter who helped increase Islamic radicalism. It seems third party will be the way it will be for me.

And sadly McCain did a rash decision that will lead to Obama winning Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Not Excited for Palin as VP”

  1. Looks like you got suckered.

    I’ve found one unsubstantiated statement regarding Palin’s supposed intent to ban condoms – and I’ve found a 2006 article from the Anchorage Daily News which states that she is pro-contraception. While many people will disregard an Anchorage paper because it’s published outside the Beltway, I doubt that you will.

  2. Its other issues that annoy me. I am a secular centrist and she does not satisfy me. She’s more socially conservative for my tastes.

    On religion:

    and also from an interview from a journalist/commentator:

    She assured me that Palin is not in favor of giving any rights to gays and didn’t want to give domestic partnership rights to government employees but that she had to veto the bill that would have rescinded such rights because of the Alaska Supreme Court ruling. So can we please cut this crap Log Cabin and the McCain campaign have been trying to put out: Palin only vetoed an antigay bill because she had to, by law.

    Opposition research on her:

    Bob Barr may be as conservative, but he’s not as abrasive as McCain/Palin. Bob Barr is my protest vote.

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