Norma Torres is Ms.Sanctuary City

Ever since the murders of Jamiel Shaw in Los Angeles and the Bologna family in San Francisco the Sanctuary city policies have became a big issue this year. It is understandable that cities want to protect illegal residents from deportation when they want to use them for witnesses or to be able to have them to confide to law enforcement. However those who are held in violent crimes should not be afforded such courtesy.

However Republicans in Sacramento have tried in the current legislative session to cut off funding for cities that actively undermine federal immigration enforcement. Unfortunately this bill died in committee where Democrats would rather keep violent illegals on the streets instead of protecting innocent bystanders.

When it comes to next year’s legislative session, will Norma Torres keep illegal residents who commit crimes on our streets? Or do the right thing and deport them because they are also violating federal laws. However when we look towards past precedence where Torres was the biggest advocate in making Pomona a sanctuary city for the illegal residents who may reside in her city, it is not likely she will deliver on public safety.

For this election, investigate into her opponents and make up your own mind.

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