Energy is the issue for 2008

Iraq and Republican corruption were the big issues that tipped the legislature to the Democratic Party. However 2008 may be more competitive than it should be thanks to the increasing costs of energy such as gasoline and natural gas.

It is ironic that advocates for the working American such as Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA), calls himself working Joe Baca support the Democratic leadership energy agenda which does not do anything productive in getting our energy costs to a reasonable level. Of course Hollywood and the environmental lobby could afford the five or six dollar a gallon gasoline, but the average American can not.

Yes we need to be environmentally sound and use alternative fuels, but they are not ready for prime time to be rolled out to our country. If we could rebuild Europe and get to the moon, we can become energy independent. As what Paris Hilton explained in her satire of the McCain advertisement, we need to use the best ideas from both candidates to get America moving. Explore for new fuel in an environmentally safe matter, conserve and use alternative powered vehicles and we will have progress.

If you want to find more information on the Republican Party efforts to get an energy initiative passed, click on the banner on my right sidebar on my site.

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