Preventing a Blue County San Bernardino

If we want to make impact in the Post Postmus era, we should learn from the mistakes of the past so we could be effective in the future.

Here are some of my suggestions.

Such as no more pre-primary endorsements if the only candidates are Republicans, so we would prevent a Williamson type incident.

Transparency in the SBCRP, audits would be viewable by any registered Republican. Donors and volunteers should be able to find out the status of the party.

The resources of the CC shall be evenly spread across our ticket. No one particular race should get the lion’s share of the funds.

Undo the electing of the CC by supervisor districts, quorums still can not be met with the new system. We alienated many of our former CC members due to this new system. It was only a blind power grab.

Get respected leaders such as the Los Angeles County leaders Linda and Doug Boyd, and former State Senator Brulte to help come up with a plan to get our party back in shape.

I know it may be impractical during an election year, but some of these ideas should be considered for 2009 so we could rebuild.

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