Why I will never go to Disneyland in a long time.


It is unfortunate that I have not been to Disneyland in 11 years. The price increases of their tickets prove how less of a bargain the park will be for many people in the economic climate of today. $69 for a 1 day ticket for one park makes me want to cringe. It used to be $56 in 2005, and now in 2008 they raised it to $69. If $69 covered both parks then I would consider that a sensible bargain.

My sister and father both like Disneyland, but I do not find buying an annual pass worth the investment. The annual pass costs around 2.5x the price of a 69.00 ticket, but I find it like a gym membership where I would barely go twice a year at best.

I know Disneyland counts on the holiday vacationers, but they are out pricing the average people who live around their park in Anaheim.  Disneyland used to be affordable, but expensive when I was a child. Now it is a unrealistic luxury to many.

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