Why I am squeamish about involving churches with political campaigns

I had a conversation with another volunteer for the political campaign I am working with and I just feel somewhat disturbed about involving churches with the campaign. In 1998, I was involved with the Bob Demallie campaign, a very staunch conservative who decided to jump from the school board to the state assembly. I still thought I was straight and very conservative and I did not think their ideas were odd or eclectic at the time, but after the election of 1998 happened I finally realized how silly it all was.

However our candidate is pro-choice, and I do not know what is more vital to the social conservatives, being anti-marriage equality or being pro-life. Honestly I think our candidate should be neutral on the culture wars, its only a distraction from the important things that have been plaguing our state such as a 15 billion dollar deficit. However I am fearful that she will pander to the fundamentalists, where it might of been better to elect the genuine article during the primary such as Ben Lopez, staffer for Lou Sheldon.

It felt like all they cared about was cultural issues, but not the economic and bread and butter issues that affect all of us in our state when I was working the 1998 and 2000 campaigns. Basically the discussion when I was eating my food during the precinct walking barbeque and picnic was how to end abortion, which I still agree today and also how they wanted to restrict homosexual equality like how Joe Baca at the time was allegedly their ally in the Democratic Party.

Then I discovered the ideas that led to these individuals attaining power in our party with stealth campaigns and Christian reconstructionalism which would be similar in aspect to implementing Islamic law. Where as an example Demallie received many contributions from Fieldstead and Company, an Irvine based holding company from Howard Ahmason a follower of R.J Rushdoony.

This led me to supporting former Pomona mayor Edward Cortez because I wanted a mainstream winnable choice for State Assembly, but he did not win in the 2000 primary.

I do not mind helping to get more people involved in political campaigns, but it sounds like pandering if we are going to distribute our flyers to all the churches of the region. If pastors want some of the campaign’s literature more power to them, but blindly distributing it around town is something I am not going to participate in.

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