Retail is risky

Hearing the stories from companies doing business in my town going bankrupt is rather scary. Seeing that businesses going out of business who will not see the light of day. Its going to be near impossible to make a living or support someone else’s income in retail right now. Part timers are becoming more of a joke. It seems like you need two or three jobs to make what a good part time opportunity used to be. I also kind of laugh at the people applying at my workplace knowing that you are not going to get much hours or shifts either.

I thought about applying to other retail outlets, but even at other stores at the local mall you only get like 1-2 days at worse. It is becoming a joke.

If you are in high school right now, start thinking about what skills or education you will need to make a good income. Become risk adverse to the ups and downs of the economy. Hopefully the economy will be better for all of us. The housing bubble was the worst bubble that many people did get suckered into.

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