You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You are Drunk

Today I would like to speak about a personal annoyance, people fibbing so they do not get perceived as being mean. It would be mean to be viciously blunt, but there is a method to being blunt and respectful. Getting people to sign nomination petitions is a challenge, but it can be possible.

If people do not want to sign my petition, just be honest. Say things like “I am supporting the incumbent, but hope you can find other people to sign your paper”, or I am just too busy to care.

This is not just a 2008 issue, this is also an issue that happens to most of us who do pull papers for any elected office.

However I do appreciate the signatures I have received right now. Hopefully I do have 9 out of 20 valid signatures currently and I have 11 more to obtain in the next two weeks. If you are a registered voter in Ontario I would appreciate your support by signing my nomination petition.

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