Our dropouts today, Our future Inmates tomorrow

The state department of education has released the numbers for dropouts in our public school system and they are not flattering. We have a 24 percent dropout rate for California as a whole, and other school districts in San Bernardino County have much worse statistics such as 54 percent in Victorville and 36 percent in Colton.

School districts are doing their best to reach out to the demographics likely to drop out and end their educations, but no amount of money will make a greater impact than having education taken seriously at the home. Parents should get involved in the education of their children if they not already have done so. We should implement an online system that would list all the homework assignments that students have due, so parents could double check that the homework is done as well.

Also, vocational education should be utilized to reach out those not likely to attend college. Even those who are likely to attend college could also benefit from these classes as well. Maybe with an expanded vocational education program in our public schools, students could find motivation to stay in school and get a good paying job. We should not lead our students to jobs close to minimum wage, but positions that could be close to 15 dollars a hour full time. Carpentry, air conditioner repair, cooking and auto repair to name some potential opportunities.

If we have better policies to prevent dropouts, perhaps we will have less crime and less inmates in our local prisons where it would be a good tradeoff in general.

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