Homeless need compassion in Ontario

I originally emailed this to the Daily Bulletin, but they decided to print my earlier letter about Assessor Postmus instead.

I agree with Mayor Leon of Ontario that the homeless people need compassion. Since we changed the regulations in the homeless services area the problem about our homeless has not improved. We made it harder for the homeless to function in our communities where we kicked their animals from the “tent city” and now they live in our public parks instead. We should not be crude by towing away their vehicles when that’s the place some of them live their lives because they have no home. Instead we should provide safe places to park their cars at night so they could have a safe place to sleep instead.

It is agreeable that the homeless of our region should have opportunities for assistance, help and compassion. Homeless residents should not be treated as a blight to be passed off to city after city. Let us get those who want to get off the streets off, and help keep those who remain with some dignity. It should not be Ontario’s problem, but there should be regional facilities across our county for those who have a verifiable presence so we do not have people from around the country flocking here.

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