Ballot Statement Extortion

I was listening to the Barb Stanton show on Wednesday and she was discussing that in a high desert town it costs over 1300 dollars in order to file a ballot statement in the booklet so voters would know a bit about you when you run for office. However when I was filing papers for city clerk, the ballot statement is actually 3600 dollars in Ontario.

In 2004 and before, a ballot statement cost around 500 dollars for the city council, it became 2850 dollars in the 2006 election. Now 3600 dollars, only incumbents and the already affluent could afford these increased costs now.

Information is power and if we deprive information then the voter would not gain information about challengers, thus protecting the incumbent. I understand that cities and counties do not have money like they used to, but a middle ground should of been utilized so our voters would be able to make informed choices.

I think I would have a better value by buying into a slate mailer and buying 100-200 signs and still have some money in my pocket.

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