The San Bernardino County fiasco

I was the one who wrote the recent letter encouraging people to participate in the recall petition of our county assessor. The letter was written during the beginning of the grand jury revealing their findings on the assessor’s office. I thought the letter was a bit too loaded and long, but it seemed the editors saved it for the time there were more stories on the issue so it would tie in with the recent news.

Adam is indeed a bright young man, but he got caught in a sham. Honestly 20 years in potential penalties is extreme for this individual. It does feel like Watergate where people led other people to do risky actions like allegedly destroying and manipulating evidence. Yes, Adam did some actions that were not kosher. However its unfortunate that the father figure of the situation led his protégé down this path.

It seems that our county supervisors are debating to unseat Postmus from office due to the severe embarrassment he has brought to our county for the last few years. We are the only county that is able to remove elected officials with a 4/5ths vote due to our status as a charter law county, but due process would be need to be utilized and that would take time up to two years. Our supervisors have considered the possibilities, but it seems the recall will be the only logical solution.

For your entertainment there is a video by Barb Stanton of the high desert.

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