Education and our state budget…

Due to mismanagement of our tax money, California is experiencing a 15 to 20 billion dollar budget shortfall. In a Red County Riverside opinion piece, Dave Everett explains how the California Teacher’s Association distorts the facts about education spending to the average Californian and especially parents with school children in our public schools.

The recent advertisement scares the average Californian stating that 4.3 billion will be cut from the education budget, but actually education spending is not going to be cut. However the spending level will not be as increased as the union would like it to be.

Yes, education is a sacred cow and if Republicans want to market the truth they will need to hire the best advertising agency to reach the minds of the voters in our states if they want to reform the budgeting process that always enters into extra innings.

Despite the money we have invested in our public school system the author states test scores and facilities have not improved while administration and bureaucracy has grown. Maybe its time to maybe have a deep independent audit of our public education system so we could effectively utilize the 50% of our state revenues that are reserved to education. If the state education system can not improve then maybe the system should not be granted the lockbox.

We are paying big money to educate our children, but they are not getting what we are paying for. If we could get the money back into the classrooms, then people would not mind increasing the education budget further.

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