I made a mistake…

In 2006, I was so tired of Musgrave’s blabber stating that stopping same sex couples from marrying was more important than the lives of our solders in the middle east that I was tempted enough to give ten dollars to her 2006 opponent.

This time, since the Democratic party has not delivered on most of their 2006 promises, in 2008 I have decided to keep my money in the Republican Party. I will find the best inclusive and bipartisan federal candidates to consider and slatecard.com makes it easy to donate to your favorite political candidates.

My list is called Munson’s favorites and the list will be updated with worthy candidates. Since I am not earning much money this year due to the decline in the retail industry, I will make a nominal donation of $5 per candidate in my effort to make sure we do not lose many seats in congress in the year of “change”.

If we want mainstream candidates to stay in our party we need to support them.

Right now my list has:

Congresswoman Bono Mack – Palm Springs

Congressman Shays – Connecticut

Congressman Heller – Nevada

Senator Snowe – Maine

Congressman Kirk – Illinois

Councilman Roberts – Fontana

Here is the link to my slate:


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