Tom Campbell for governor, All Right!

Tom Campbell is a former congressman, state senator, budget director with a doctorate in economics and a law degree has decided to setup an exploratory committee to run for governor of California under the Republican Party.

Although being an academic, Tom defiantly had politics in his mind when deciding to get back in the swing of politics. Tom is the type of candidate California needs when we have a 15 to 20 billion dollar fiscal crisis where leadership can finally be provided unlike the Davis and Schwarzenegger administrations. With his economics and law background, Tom could end up providing leadership on the issues that have been causing great pain to our state.

The irony is all the leading California Republicans who are wanting to run for governor are from the Silicon Valley. It may hurt the base that they do not want Republicans who are weak in their political ideology, but many of the Republicans have been unsuccessful in their state wide elections for offices such as Attorney General and Lt.Governor. I remember in 2000, when Tom was our nominee for US Senate many of our volunteers in San Bernardino County did not want to pass out Tom Campbell campaign flyers when we were doing precinct walking, but maybe if Tom could reach out to voters in counties such as San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside and even San Diego he might have a chance to win the nomination in 2010.

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