Blue County San Bernardino?

It seems from the reports from the Secretary of State our hard earned gains in voter registration may disappear soon. We have an organization that is broke and disorganized. Here are some of my solutions to improve the county party.

1. Have entertaining guest speakers, perhaps a local elected official like Congressman Lewis, a noted author, leaders of Republican based organizations. This could help encourage quorums when this could inspire our members to attend the meetings.

2. Donor clubs, perhaps people who donate an extra $50 a meeting or $500 for the year could attend the V.I.P reception where light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages could be served for 1 hour prior to the meeting.

3. Lets invite all registered Republicans to our general meetings, if Los Angeles County and Orange County allows this, we should be able to show that we have nothing to hide.

4. Serious effort to register voters, all Republican candidates for elected office and Republican clubs should get a nominal bounty from the County party for registering Republicans.

5. Lets return to the fundraisers from the good old days such as the Hofer Ranch fundraiser. We should have a general fundraiser for low to mid range donors, and a fundraiser for the high end donors as well. All Republicans and other community members should be able to make an effort to get the job done. If we could raise at least $300-400 thousand we could support our candidates, pay our staff and keep our county a red county.

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