I am not a Kola Nut.

For the past few years my father has been listening to their station and he realizes that they play the same old crap over and over. I decided to call their request line and ask for them to play Sparks. During their founding and until 1977, they made music that was influential and would fit the format of any oldies station. Amateur Hour, This town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us, Get in the Swing, Something for the girl with everything and Never turn your back on Mother Earth would be quite appropriate for their format.

As stated in a previous column about the Spirit of Radio, it seems today’s industry seems very focused on focus groups and formula playlists. Radio of the past was not afraid to take risks. In the old days you were able to listen to New Order and the Pet Shop Boys on KROQ, but due to grunge music in the 1990s electronic music became ignored.

If we want to keep the radio industry alive, new music from the past and present needs to be exposed. Until then we will be glued to our ipods and other forms of entertainment.

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