My Response to former Assemblyman Mountjoy

Update: Former Assemblyman Mountjoy wrote a column explaining how Prop 8 would be a good thing back in 2008. Sadly the column went to cyber sea and became a dead link. 

Proponents of Defense of Marriage acts may cite the vote totals from 2000, but times have changed. Younger voters have replaced departed voters and the initiative is being voted on in a general election unlike in 2000 when it was voted in a primary where Republican voters outnumbered Democratic voters because the Republican nomination was in play in our state. The vote totals will be much more of a competitive fight and eight years is a long time in politics. In the latest Field Poll, voters approved of same sex marriage for the first time in thirty years.
Not all ballot fights were winners, Arizona was the first Defense of Marriage initiative that was tossed out by the voters because it also restricted any form of benefit or legal recognition to same sex couples such as health insurance and domestic partnerships.

Supporters of Proposition 22 may say that the governor and the state Supreme Court may be violating the will of the people. However the courts are the checks and balances that prevent tyranny of the majority. Just as how Proposition 14 in 1964 was passed to allow discrimination in housing and rentals, it was repealed in 1967 with the US Supreme Court decision of Reitman v. Mulkey.

Legislators who supported same sex marriage did not get fired by the voters in the election after. Even though Nell Soto voted for AB 43 in 2006, she still beat your friend Ben Lopez with a good margin that year. Voters rejected Republicans who were for and against same sex marriage in prior elections. Voters recognized that other issues were more critical than this.

Even if we did not have the issue of same sex marriage in the public eye, you would still find an issue to marginalize the homosexual community in our state to make us second class citizens with no legal standing.

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