Fun with employment agencies.

Since my part time job became less of a part time job, I decided to look for better opportunities. Part time, full time or temporary any improvement would have been appreciated. I decided to look at Craig’s List for my local region and decided to reply to an advertisement for a bookstore’s seasonal cashier team for a two week period.

The bookstore did not staff these positions on their own, they used a staffing service in Upland California which I will keep nameless. I had a decent meeting with their staffing coordinator and made a decent impression. I was indeed qualified and I was willing to take the position. However my current job needed to be maintained since this assignment was a seasonal one.  I needed to program my availability with two week’s notice and I wanted to get a schedule that would be compatible with both jobs.

I asked two days later because she said her client did not have the schedules ready, then I asked a week later and she said she did not have the schedules ready from her client still. Then I received no reply from her when she said I will communicate with you when I receive information form the bookstore. Then two weeks later she said all the schedules were distributed and I only have the door guard assignment. I thought it was also her part to also communicate with me, because without applicants she does not have business for her firm.

I do not really feel confident that I should consider an employment agency again even though they are the gatekeepers to many job positions. I learned that I should be persistent, but polite when I deal with an employment agency and just keep on hammering them until you get the assignment or a definite no from them.

The job market is a bit rough now, so I guess I need to be more persistent.

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