If you give a vote to a California Democrat….

Just warning those who may want to vote for Norma Torres or any other California legislative Democratic party candidate, that tax increases from A to Z will be coming to you in the coming months. Stop the insanity, vote Republican.

Here are some of the taxes upcoming to erode your pocketbook:

1.80 increase in a six pack of beer. 2 cents to 30 cents a can increase in beer tax.

(Going to kill off the California beer industry and kill jobs)

25 percent tax on pornography

(Getting off will become a bit harder)

Sales tax on digital downloads

(Start saving your pennies for your 1.08 downloads)

Plastic bags levied at 25 cents each

Landfill space is indeed scarce, but the levy is only going to make the cost of goods and services expensive. Maybe a dime a bag may be more sensible.

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