A new vision, a new life?

If politics seems futile in California. Maybe I need to discover a new vocation. I would love to become a radio personality to serve the public pop music at its finest. Southern California is deprived of a good dance music radio station. If station owners and their program directors are not willing to change a station’s format. Maybe I could use up the late night shift to test out new formats.

I was thinking if I could come up with a good radio play list and demo tape, I would like to see myself having a weekly radio show for 2 hours to play the best music that is never played. It is sad that I would rather watch videos on Youtube and Myspace than to listen to radio today. Maybe we need to bring back the Spirit of Radio today.

Give people a reason to turn on their radios and bring forth listeners to the station that would hire me.

Since MTV does not air music videos anymore. Maybe blogging about music that America will not likely hear may be a positive development.

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