Day of Silence protests ill-fated.

Pretty soon GLSEN and their student organizers will be organizing the 2008 annual day of silence, but some parents and anti-gay opponents believe its irresponsible to bring the message in the public school system.

If students want to be silent to call attention to bullying, name calling and harassment it should be their right to do so. Opponents may have stated that its a pro-homosexual demonstration, but the cause of preventing bullying and harassment in the school system is a noble cause that should be universal.

Yes, we should be focusing on math, reading and science in our schools. However when students  are bullied and harassed then they are not able to learn at their fullest. Yes, we should teach academics and be neutral on the dogma, by being neither theocratic or liberal so we could be affirming to all students.

It would be great if we could agree to disagree in the culture war. If you find homosexuals repugnant leave them alone, and the homosexuals and their friends will leave the opponents alone. I wish it could be this simple, but unfortunately its a war with no end as compared to the fight on abortion.

Homosexuals are inevitable no matter if we removed outside cultural influences and modified our popular culture. Opponents may want the LGBT community and their friends to not be seen or heard, but they are reality in today’s American life.

I am not expecting opponents to be affirming of gay and lesbian youth in our public school system, but all people deserve dignity and respect in society. That is all we ask.

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