A Necessary Distraction


Our governor has claimed that the campaign against same sex marriage is a waste of time. Yes I may agree with former legislator Ray Haynes that there is no such thing as same sex marriage because marriage is historically a heterosexual based institution. And marriage is basically meant for the ideal form to raise children, and generally a two parent male and female household raises children better. However, what about the heterosexual couples who do not raise children or they are unable to conceive, is their relationship just about sex and should not be valued like homosexual couples?

Relationships are not just about sex, but it’s a vital ingredient in helping to cement a relationship. It should not matter if you are heterosexual or homosexual to have reasonable protections and benefits in society. Many Californians may be against same sex marriage, but they want to make sure same sex couples can visit each other in hospital wards without any problems, inherit property and pensions and be able to be covered under their partner’s health plan.

Marriage is a sacred institution to many Californians and even though many straight couples do not take marriage seriously with high divorce rates. Perhaps we need to utilize a parallel institution such as Civil Unions in California until the younger generation of Californians take charge and bring forth equality to all Californians.

The Republican base may have the governor in their cross hairs due to his announcement in San Diego to oppose the constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexuals. Arnold was not against same sex marriage, but he was against legislators nullifying the vote of the people due to proposition 22. If marriage needs to be restricted or expanded then the vote of the people should be the determining factor according to our governor.

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