Say No to Beer Tax Increase

                First they came for the cigarettes saying that taxing tobacco would do wonderful things for society. I may not be a smoker, and that tax may not affect me. However, one tax increase after another, increasing the tobacco tax would reduce revenue and increase tax evasion. You may not be a smoker, but sooner or later Sacramento will find your favorite pleasure next on the tax block.

                Then recently Assemblyman Jim Beall (D-San Jose) had the bright idea to propose a raise in the beer tax 1500% from 2 cents a can to 30 cents a can to make a six pack $1.50 more and a keg $85 more in cost.

                Yes, the assemblyman’s intention for funding health care may be a great benefit for society, but with a sharp tax increased the assemblyman would only kill jobs and drain our meager pocketbooks due to this economy.

                Government programs are the bread and butter of the Democratic Party majority. But with this 16 billion dollar deficit we should hold off on spending increases and give all Californians a break from punitive tax increases.

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