Job Searching Annoyances

As I stand looking for better employment since my company is in a state of transition since being purchased by private equity firms. I am discovering how the new leadership is ruining my company.

This leading retailer no longer offers classes on knitting, painting or beading saying that they want to standardize their process and streamline the stores. However, these classes also boost the purchase of related products.

Then, they decide to consolidate 3 part time positions into 1 part time position where things will not likely get done. The receiver, the price change person and the backup bookkeeper are merged into one job. When the receiver should of been kept the way it was and the backup bookkeeper and price change person could of been merged.

Also I have noticed for the last two years that stores are required to have a minimum staffing level even though there is not any payroll to realistically maintain reasonable schedules . New hire is given only 6.5 hours, when those 6.5 hours could be used to fatten up already emaciated scheduling. If there is enough payroll to give reasonable scheduling then new hires should be welcomed with open arms.

Yes, this leading retailer was bought out for a few billion dollars and the private equity firms want to turnaround the company to make a profit, but it seems they are trimming too much fat, despite introducing new reforms to improve efficiency. Customers do demand a reasonable amount of service and they are not getting that at my store. I am stuck at the register, I would love to help the customer unlock the security cabinet or do other tasks. However my sales associates are busy helping other customers. I just hate feeling helpless and tell them they need to wait another 5 or 10 minutes.

My manager also said we should pass out the coupons and let them know about special offers, but during the week a 20% off your entire regular purchase coupon was offered, barely anyone paid attention or took advantage of the offer. For the two days I am working next week, I wonder if it will be futile for the coupons I passed out will be ever used, or just disregarded. I know more sales mean more hours, but show us how the extra sales can translate into more productive payroll hours. Even if we beat last year 4 out of 7 days, it seems more hours do not come into my store. And maybe its the ownership pinching their pennies where they do not want to increase the staffing 15% to make sure we have the staff to help our customers effectively.

I edited the post to somewhat not as directly name the company I work for. Even though websites such as the Consumerist do cover topics like this.

Anyway, I will be discussing about my job searching journey on my blog. Stay tuned.

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